On-line Symposium “Chronic viral infection and cancer, openings for vaccines”
December 16-17, 2021

Abstract submission through personal areas on the conference web is closed. Late breakers can submit their abstracts untill December 1, 2021 23.59 by emailing them to Maria Isaguliants maria.issagouliantis@rsu.lv

Dear Colleagues!

Closing session of TECHVAC2018 – Moscow, October 5-8, 2018

We are pleased to announce the continued activities TECHVAC Network in the field of research meetings devoted to modern problems of vaccinology, acute and chronic viral infections, cancer associated with viral infections and approaches to develoment of novel vaccines and immunotherapies for this conditions.

First held in November 2016, vaccine conference brings together specialists from all over the world including researchers, both advanced and early carrier investigators, healthcare professionals, government officials, and industry representatives from the many disciplines of vaccinology field.

Our next activity will be the International Symposium “Chronic viral infections and cancer, openings for vaccines”, which will be held online on December 16-17, 2021.

Approximately one out of eight human cancers has a viral etiology. Viral cancers present unique opportunities for prophylaxis, diagnosis, and therapy, as demonstrated by the success of HBV and HPV vaccines and HCV antivirals in decreasing the incidence of tumors that are caused by these viruses.

For other chronic viral infections and related cancers, problems still dominate over the progress. Prophylactic HPV vaccination does not cure already established infections, urgently requesting development of therapeutic HPV vaccines. Several are in pipeline, but still far from actual application for treatment of HPV-related cancers. Development of HCV vaccines is in progress, but is hampered by HCV variability and absence of longitudinal sterilizing anti-viral response. The success of antiretroviral therapy in controlling HIV-1 replication and immune reconstitution did not lead to significant reduction of HIV-1 associated cancers indicating alternative mechanisms of their development, not connected to immune suppression.

Symposium will unravel the progress in the studies of the molecular pathogenesis of chronic viral infections, cover common mechanisms of action of human oncogenic viruses, such as the activity of viral oncoproteins, induction of genomic instability, support of chronic inflammation, and modulation of tumor microenvironment. Special attention will be devoted to virus-induced alterations in the functions of immune system, induction of innate and adaptive immune responses including the relationship between metabolism and the immune response to viral infections, and immunometabolism on the cellular level. In-depth understanding of these processes would create new openings to the design of novel viral vaccines and immunotherapies.

Symposium is organized and supported by the International Society for Vaccines, Riga Stradins University (Riga, Latvia), Peoples Friendship University (Moscow, Russia), and Papilloma Society (Russia).

Abstracts and selected papers will be published in a special issue of “INFECTIOUS AGENTS AND CANCER”, BMC journal (Springer Nature), Q2 in Infectious Diseases; IF Web of Science 2.7; IF Scopus 4.3 https://infectagentscancer.biomedcentral.com/about

On behalf of the Organizing Committee
Maria Isaguliants (Issagouliantis)
Associate Prof,
Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden & Riga Stradins University, Riga, Latvia
Research and Educational Resource Center for High-throughput Genomic Analysis, Cluster of Translation al Medicine, People Friendship University of Russia
Contact info – maria.issagouliantis@rsu.lv

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