Abstract submission

Abstract submission through personal areas on the conference web is closed. Late breakers can submit their abstracts untill December 1, 2021 23.59 by emailing them to Maria Isaguliants maria.issagouliantis@rsu.lv

Abstracts should be submitted electronically. For this, you need to fill in the registration form. Option to load the abstract will appear after completion of the registration.


Deadline for abstract submission is November 29, 2021.

All submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the Program Committee, decision on the acceptance will be sent to email given at the registration to the participants by December 6, 2021.

Please, note that Program committee will consider only abstracts from the registered participants. All authors of accepted oral and poster presentations have to pay registration fee so that it recieved by symposium organizers by December 9, 2021. Presentations from authors who have not formalized their attendance, will not be included in the symposium program and published proceedings.

Abstract format for online submission 

(i) Regular abstracts

Abstracts should be typed in Times New Roman, size 11, 1 line spacing. Length of the text (without title, authors’ names, affiliations) is limited to 500 words. Total space is limited to max 2 pages.Abstract should contain the following components:
• Title (not more than 150 characters with spaces);
• Authors (surname, given name), indicate the corresponding author;
• Affiliations for all authors;
• Background: a concise statement of the issue under investigation or a hypothesis;
• Materials & Methods: the experimental methods used (including the statistical analyses employed);
• Results: specific findings;
• Conclusions: a summary of findings that are supported by your results (statistical analyses used to support the conclusions);
• Acknowledgements, references to publications (max 3)
• The maximum size of the abstract file is 2 megabytes.
• Abstract can contain one figure with legend, or one table in good resolution for direct reproduction. Max volume of the absteact with illustration should not exceed two pages. 

(ii) Abstracts of invited lectures 

Abstracts should be typed in Times New Roman, size 11, 1 line spacing and contain the following components:
• Title (is not more than 150 characters with spaces);
• Authors (surname, given name), indicate the corresponding author;
• Affiliations for all authors;
• Background: describe the importance of the revised field of research;
• Aim(s): subject of the review;
• Topics overviewed: short description of the overviewed topics; own findings of the author in this context;
• Conclusions: resume of the progressed achieved so far and perspectives for the development.

In order to format your paper text in accordance with the guidelines, you should use a special style template ”TEMPLATE.doc”.

In case you need to make any corrections to the abstract text, please delete your abstract, make corrections and submit the abstract again. Confirmation will be sent to the email address indicated upon registration. You can look through or delete your submitted abstracts at the page “MY ABSTRACTS”.

Publication of accepted abstracts

Abstracts accepted by the Program Committee for presenation on the Symposium will be published in the supplementary issue of INFECTIOUS AGENTS AND CANCER (BMC, Springer Nature, IF impact factor 2,96, Q2 in Infectious Diseases) cited in WoS and Scopus https://infectagentscancer.biomedcentral.com/

Guidlines for submission of abstracts for publication in the special issue can be found HERE https://techvac.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/IAAC_Appendix-B-Guidelines-for-Authors.pdf

Abstracts accepted for presentation on the symposium will be reformatted by the Organizing Committee according to the requirements of the journal, please, assist the revision by answering questions coming from the Organizing Committee member Dr Natalia Petrakova nvpetrakova@hotmail.com.

Publication of selected presentations as full papers

Program Committee will recommend selected presentations for publication in CANCERS https://www.mdpi.com/journal/cancers (MDPI, Q1, IF 6.63) in the special issue “Chronic viral infections and cancer, openings for immunotherapies and vaccines”, which will be launched be December 25, 2021 and closed April 30, 2022. Updated information will be published on the symposium web. Authors of selected presentations will receive inviations from the editors to submit reviews and manuscripts describing their expreimental studies.